What is BPSS Clearance?


BPSS clearance

BPSS clearance  is a process of checking an individual’s identity, right to work in the UK and their employment history. It also investigates any significant gaps in employment that need to be explained. These checks are an important part of the recruitment process for people who are going to be working with government organisations in the UK.

BPSS is the baseline level of security screening that is required for anyone who has access to official UK government assets or information, including classified documents. Developed in 2006, it has become the default pre-employment screening standard for all those who work for the government or with government-allied companies. It’s a mandatory requirement for direct employees, contractors and volunteers.

BPSS Clearance: Understanding the Baseline Personnel Security Standard

The BPSS Checks are made up of four individual checks – Residential Address, Basic DBS Check, Criminal Record and Employment History. Each of these checks is a standalone check with its own specific purpose and takes between 5-10 working days to complete. BPSS is the most common of all security checks and is the only one that is mandatory for those who have access to classified information.

A BPSS Verification Record is created for each individual and held on their personal file with the employer. It can be transferred when the person moves between companies, and is only accessible to those who have a legitimate need to do so (such as HR). The verified information is kept securely and strictly confidential in accordance with EU GDPR regulations.

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