The Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve


triple eccentric butterfly valve

The triple eccentric butterfly valve is a type of industrial butterfly valve used to control medium flow. It offers the benefits of zero leakage, adjustable opening and closing, longer service life, and high-temperature tolerance, and is resistant to wear. It can be compared with other types of butterfly valves including gate, ball, and globe valves.Resource: More info

Triple eccentric butterfly valves feature a stem that is offset on both the x and y axis of the valve’s centerline. This design eliminates rubbing between the seat and seal ring during valve operation, thereby reducing the risk of damage and extending cycle life. The unique combination of eccentrics also creates a cam effect during operation, which prevents the seat and disc from sticking to each other.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Actuation Options: Manual vs. Automated

In addition, the three-dimensional angled design of the valve plate and the asymmetrical positioning of the stem compared to the plate ensures that the sealing surface is always flush with the body and that the seat and disc are never touching. This prevents galling and scratching between the metal seat and the disc, and the only time that the seal touches the seat is when the valve closes.

Triple eccentric butterfly valves typically use an elastomeric or plastic seat but for high-temperature applications, they may have metal seats made of carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, or PTFE. Regardless of the material, this design allows for a bubble-tight seal and can be used in a wide range of operating conditions.

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