The Benefits of Hiring a NACE InspectorHow to Become a NACE Inspection Technician


How to Become a NACE Inspection Technician

You may be wondering how to become qualified NACE company a NACE inspector. The first step is to earn your NACE Certification in Coatings. This certification is considered the gold standard in the coatings industry, and it is divided into two parts: online and in-person. The online portion of the CIP course lasts three days and includes a review of topics covered on the NACE exam. The NACE Inspection course takes 60 hours to complete, while the in-person course takes six days.

An NACE inspector’s job is to examine the coatings of various structures. Their duties may include pipelines, water tanks, refineries, military installations, and natural gas and wastewater treatment plants. They may also perform inspections on shipyards and other marine structures. Some of these inspections are conducted underground, which is more difficult and costly to inspect. Because of this, it may take longer to find problems affecting such structures. Therefore, hiring a NACE inspector is the best choice for quality assurance work.

The NACE Certification program is a globally recognized standard for personnel performance in coating inspection. There are three levels of certification, each tied to the previous level. For example, Level 1 certification is required to move on to the next level. Level 2 certifications are available for general coating inspection, as well as for specialized coatings inspection in the marine and nuclear industries. You must have a solid foundation in Level 1 and 2 competencies before taking this certification exam.

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