Stair Lifts Near Me


stair lifts near me

Stair lifts near me  people with limited mobility navigate multistory homes. For those whose failing knees, hips or other conditions make going up and down the stairs difficult, a stair lift can turn a daily chore into a pain-free one. And a stair lift can prevent falls that can be life-threatening for those with lower body weakness.

Most stair lifts come with many safety features that can improve the user experience and help users feel more confident when using them. For example, pressure-sensitive controls that stop the device if they are released will prevent crashes with furniture and other obstacles on the staircase. And backup batteries ensure that the stair lift works during power outages.

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Other available stair lifts near me features include the ability to fold up the footrest and armrests for easy access, perched seats that let users ride while standing up (for those with knee or back issues), and hinged platforms that attach to stairs inside doorways or other narrow spaces. Some brands, like Stannah, also offer different seat sizes and upholstery textures to better fit people’s comfort preferences. And most stair lifts can swivel the seat toward the walkway as they approach the bottom of the stairs, either manually by clamping levers on the side of the chair or automatically by a power swivel controlled by armrest controls.

The cost of a stair lift can vary significantly depending on the brand, dealer, and specific stair and home setup. However, most stair lifts are affordable and can be purchased with a tax deductible medical expense deduction. Check out NCOA’s BenefitsCheckUp tool to find programs that may cover some or all the cost of a stair lift and installation.

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