SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator


simplygo portable oxygen concentrator

Featuring an attractive design and user friendly controls, simplygo portable oxygen concentrator is easy to use and manage. Five large, easy to read buttons are located on the top of the unit and a large display screen is highly visible making it simple to see the settings and battery level. A power on/off button and alarm silence button are easily accessible and a mode select button makes it simple to switch between continuous flow and pulse dose delivery modes. This link simplygo portable oxygen concentrator –

A convenient carry case and mobile cart allow the user to choose to wear it over the shoulder or place it in the easy-to-pull, sturdy cart for added convenience. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, simplygo easily accommodates additional battery cartridges with the easy swap out feature. This portable oxygen concentrator also has the flexibility of running on AC or DC power utilizing the included wall charger and vehicle adapter for maximum mobility freedom.

Respironics SimplyGo: Embracing Freedom and Convenience with a Portable Oxygen Concentrato

SimplyGo provides more than twice the oxygen output of any POC weighing 10 pounds or less and offers three convenient modes including continuous flow, pulse dose and sleep mode. Simply press the mode select button marked with a symbol and select the desired operating mode. In continuous flow mode, a steady flow of oxygen is delivered at a setting number (liters per minute). Pulse dose mode senses when you breathe and delivers a burst of oxygen to match your breathing pattern. And sleep mode increases output during the night to provide a comfortable and effective sleep trigger.

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