Second Hand Cars Darwin’s Own Experiences


In his book The Desolate Area Darwin had described the barren, open expanses as having “dirt only half worn.” As well he noted that the birds in this area “must have been little less careful than ourselves” for they “must have been passing the time without the view of any occupation.” This book is a careful study of Darwin’s journey as he visits this part of Australia, on horseback, and through his notebook. It has become an essential text for schools and colleges to teach their students about evolution and natural selection. It contains very relevant illustrations from the time that second hand cars darwin wrote The Origin of Species as well as a section on “interesting expeditions abroad.”

How to choose Second Hand Cars Darwin’s Own Experiences

The illustrations throughout this book, both of actual wildlife and of similar “wild-life habits in civilized countries” illustrate the ways that Darwin drew on his own experience and observed around him to produce his thoughts on natural selection. One striking example is where Darwin noted, “The natives dress much like the Indians of Brazil” and noted, “All the females of the troop seemed to wear the hair nearly down the back.” He concluded that it was “the fashion of the times” and “a practice which may be safely attributed to the influence of custom.” As well, he noted “a singular propensity in the natives to tie their shirts very loosely.” Such a tendency, he suggested, may have “acted as an inducement to take interest in the game.”

In addition to these anecdotes, Darwin’s research proves that there were a number of problems associated with trading in second hand cars in the 18th century. For example, it is known that the seller often took advantage of the new arrivals in order to “save money.” This meant that people were often in such a rush to get rid of their cars that they drove them recklessly. In addition, some sellers were quite sloppy in their workmanship. Some of the cars, for instance, “broke down frequently” and when this happened people “ran the danger of getting no value for their money.”

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