Pools and Cue – My Review


You’ve made it to this article, so now it’s time for Pools and Cue. Unassuming online retailer offering a huge selection of pool accessories, including billiards tables & dart boards. The only drawback to ordering from Pool and Cue is the customer service. I ordered a few things from them and received poor customer service. The customer representative did not return my phone calls or respond to emails, which I thought was odd.

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They also sent me false information in regards to how big their bags are (they claim they are large), how many decks per bag (they claim twenty-four), and what sort of items they contain (bacteria, minerals, etc.). Finally, after three weeks, I received my order and was VERY disappointed. My merchandise was not what I was expecting, and I believe that they were just trying to push the product by using cheesy sales copy to sell it. Not worthy!

Fortunately, there are other pool and billiards companies that do business in South Florida, namely Miami Pools and Cue. They have been in business since 2021, and despite my unpleasant experience, I believe they are probably the best option out there. They offer high-quality products at low prices and have very good customer service. I highly recommend Check this out.

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