Pilates Reformer Machine For Home Gym


pilates reformer machine for home

The ideal pilates reformer machine for home usage should have many useful features, and this is exactly what you find with the Pilates Reformer. It works by applying resistance to the body and the movements made, as well as teaching the body how to correctly move. Unlike other machines, the Reformer offers a variety of different resistance levels, which is important for different types of exercise. Some people will benefit more from using the lower levels, whilst others may need to work harder to obtain the same results.

How to Choose Pilates Reformer Machine For Home Gym

This machine was developed by Joseph Pilates, a renowned physical therapist and fitness expert, who used his expertise to design a machine that offered much more than other machines of its time. The machine works on the same principles as many of the exercises practised in fitness clubs and gyms, but uses unique resistance levels and special springs to target specific muscles and help tone and firm the body. Although similar to traditional pilates exercises, using the Reformer offers a much more complete workout, since it also offers resistance during the plank and hanging exercises, as well as using the weight of the user to support their body while they perform their movements. Many of the springs used are adjustable, which allows users to adjust the resistance level to achieve the optimum workout for each individual.

The reformers come in two different types: soft and hard. Using the soft reformer requires no additional equipment, allowing users to perform hundreds of exercises with ease and comfort. Hard reformers require users to hold onto either the springs or the bars, while working the machine over various workout levels. It is important to ensure that both machines work well together, so that the maximum amount of exercise is achieved. With regular use, both machines should prove effective in delivering a comprehensive and effective workout.

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