Pallet Rack Post Protectors


Pallet rack column protectors are an excellent way to prevent damage and extend the life of pallet racking end columns. They are easy to install and help keep your warehouse safe from costly damage to your expensive inventory storage structures. They are also an effective preventative measure against collapsed racking which can be extremely dangerous for anyone in the area. Check this out

Are pallet racks safe?

Depending on the type of column protector you choose, they can protect an individual post from impact, or span the full length of a pallet racking row to guard against impact with a front loader or other machine. Most are manufactured from steel with a rubber or plastic bumper that absorbs collisions. They bolt to the floor in front of individual columns on teardrop pallet rack or other structural racking structures. The protectors transfer the impact energy to the floor or a nearby structural member, shielding the pallet rack column from damage and reducing damage to inventory.

Damaged racking is not only costly due to replacement, it can also lead to an unstable structure that collapses or injures workers. This is a significant safety risk, especially in the case of high-density storage systems where multiple damaged frames could fall down on top of one another.

UNARCO manufactures a variety of add-on rack column protector designs to fit any distribution center or warehouse application. The most popular type are metal guard rails which are secured to the concrete floor in front of each racking column to shield the columns from impacts with forklifts. These rails are available in a variety of heights and can be used with seismic or non-seismic pallet racking. There are also many different types of post protectors that can be added to existing racking to protect against impact damage. Most are made from heavy duty steel angle or formed steel and are painted safety yellow. Some post protectors snap on or strap to the top of a pallet rack upright frame while others hold a cushion of air with an HDPE, blown plastic component that can wrap around an upright.

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