Make Your Own Elephant Baby Shower Invitations


The usual suspects in baby showers are the usual, of course, are pink elephants and fairies, but today we have something a little different to consider: nursery rhymes elephant baby shower decorations . What better way to welcome a new addition to the family than with a nursery rhyme baby shower invitation? Nursery rhymes bring a world of fun and whimsy to the party, not to mention that baby elephants make great nursery decorations. Whether you choose to use them as actual invitations or make your own, here are some ideas of how you can do this.

Elephant Baby – Shower Themes Ideas For Invitations

These are easy to make yourself, though you may want to invest in some premade baby shower invitations for the invitations that you write and order in advance. Use a special font colors to give your invitations a unique look, and order in multiples. If you are having more than one child, it’s even easier to personalize each one of them with their first name, last initial, monogram, or custom message. For these invitations, we’ve found some of the most popular rhymes that work well for showers –

If you’d like to use more traditional colors, we’ve seen these too, but we suggest that you go with shades of pink. These range from the classic pink to the newer shades of lavender, which can be used with other colors to add more uniqueness to the invitations. One popular combination is to order invitations that feature a pink elephant, with another pink heart underneath. Pink polka dots or stripes could also be used, or you could choose a background of black and white. Whichever you choose, the important thing is that the invitations to make a statement about your baby shower and your personality! They’re sure to get lots of looks!

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