IP Reputation and Fraud Prevention


ipqualityscorecom IP reputation

IP reputation is a value that estimates the behavior quality of an IP address based on millions of data points. It is used to help businesses understand the risk associated with a specific IP address and to identify threats and spammers.

IPQS’s suite of fraud prevention tools automate quality control to prevent bots, fake accounts, fraudulent users, chargebacks & malicious users, without interfering with the user experience. Detect bad actors and block cyber threats with industry-leading IP reputation data and user validation. Read more ipqualityscore.com IP reputation

Proactively Prevent Fraud(tm) – Analyze IP reputation to detect proxies, VPNs, TOR connections, bots & anonymizers that facilitate abuse. Easily identify fake clicks, abusive users, chargebacks & suspicious transactions with our real-time fraud scoring API.

How to Check and Monitor IP Address Reputation for Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

Email Verification – Perform hundreds of syntax & DNS checks to verify the existence and validity of an email address and determine if it belongs to a disposable or temporary mail service that are typically associated with fraudsters and scammers. Extract useful information including the level of deliverability, role type, reputation, SPAM trap activity and much more!

Abuse Velocity – How frequently this IP has been engaged in abuse across our network. This value is a good indicator of abuse in general, but can be very useful to use in conjunction with the Fraud Score for more specific abuse detection.

The best way to improve IP reputation is to avoid acting suspiciously online. This includes providing real information on registration forms, not creating duplicate accounts, and staying away from honeypot traps that can quickly add your IP to blacklists. However, it’s still important to monitor your reputation for changes in risk scoring.

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