Installing Plasterboard Corner Protectors


plasterboard corners

Plasterboard corner protectors are the perfect way to fix plasterboard corners if your home is constantly being dented and dinged. How? Plasterboard corner protectors are very simple to protect especially if you take the time to prepare properly. By using corner protectors which permanently stick to the surface with screws or just apply with an adhesive, you can be sure that any impacts only land on a solid, non-porous surface – not your delicate plasterboard underlayment. This makes for less damage over time.

Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Plasterboard Corners

What’s the best way to install a plasterboard corner protector? You’ll need a tape measure, utility knife, pliers and a circular or square pattern that fits the area where you want to install a corner protector. Start by measuring the perimeter of the area that you want to cover – measure in the center of the circle. Once you’ve got that, use the utility knife to cut the pattern in the corner – be sure to stagger the cuts so you don’t run across an area with two different sized cuts. If you’re using a circular pattern, use the pliers to pull the plumber’s tape snugly around the board, making sure it’s centered.

Another way to install plastic corners and other plastic products without the risk of scratching your plasterboard is to use decorative tapes with matching colors and sizes. This is a great option because decorative tapes can match your existing plastic hardware, your tile, or the grout in your bathroom – so there’s no need to worry about matching colors. The best thing about these tapes is that they’re extremely easy to install, take up minimal space and also come in an array of bright, colorful patterns that won’t clash with your current decor.

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