How Does Online Call Tracking Work?


Online Call Tracking is an application used for online campaigns and marketing telephone services. Online Call Tracking takes your calls and logs them for further analysis. If you are not sure about the number or if you want to trace long lost friends then this application will help you a lot. Online Call Tracking can be used for any kind of call such as residential, business, toll-free and even VoIP. With the help of Online Call Tracking you can monitor several numbers simultaneously.Click Here –

Online Call Tracking Can Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

How does Online Call Tracking work? Online Call Tracking refers to monitoring of calls which occur after a particular person has visited your site, viewed a particular phone number and called by you. For example of Online Call Tracking is tracking calls from clicks by Google AdWords on your web pages.

How does an Online Call Tracking works? First of all you have to sign up for the service which provides you with an interface for you to create a number in a couple of minutes. Secondly you need to enter the IP, subnets and the dynamic number. Once the number is entered, you can perform certain functions like recording the calls and sending them to an email address. Finally the call tracking software will show you the calls that have been recorded and sent to a particular address.

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