Dog Harness

dog harness

A dog harness is a vital piece of gear consisting in part of wide straps that surround the dog’s torso. It’s use is to hold, guide, and lift your dog in various ways, or to use its pulling strength for walking. It reduces strain on the neck for both walking and exercise, and gives free breathing while you walk.

How To Sell Dog Harness

A harness has two ends, with the rightmost being the pulling end of the leash and the left having the pulling end. You attach this end of the leash either to your collar, or to an attached post on your porch or deck or even on a dog leash. There are many kinds of dog harnesses available, but the basic principle remains the same – the more you have on, the less you have to pull. The basic idea is that the more you have on, the more control you have over your dog. This gives the dog more control over it, but in a subtle manner, which I think is better than a leather crate, a chain, or any other form of control.

Some pet harnesses (not all) also have a “d-ring”, which is a small ring on a flap at the top of the pet harness to place it on your dog’s collar. I’ve never seen a dog harness with a d-ring, so that probably means it’s just another kind of harness, maybe a plain old dangle pet harness. Most pet harnesses have a flap on both sides with zippers. Some dog harnesses have a hook and loop at the top. These are known as “FOB” (fold over connect), and are probably the most common.