Choosing Scaffolding Erectors


Scaffolding erectors come in many shapes, sizes and types, not to mention the varieties of materials used in their construction. In most cases scaffolding erectors use either steel tubing or heavy duty polyester webbing, which are made especially for use as scaffolding material. Regardless of the type of scaffolding erector you choose to use, this scaffolding will be used to safely lift and place heavy objects onto a working platform or pallet that can then be used for storage, shipping, or simply stood on by hand. The most commonly used scaffolding erectors for residential construction jobs are the mini scaffolding erectors, which can usually only be fitted out to work on small projects. Read More –

The Most Commonly Used Scaffolding Erectors

Scaffolding hire companies often stock a wide range of scaffolding systems and have a vast number of different types available to their clients. In order to ensure that the scaffolding they are using meets your exact safety requirements you should take the time to view their scaffolding systems online and check with their contractors to see what exactly they have to offer you, before deciding which system is the best solution to your construction needs. When hiring scaffolding erectors you should always request a proof of insurance cover and also require them to provide you with a workers’ compensation certificate. This will ensure that any accident compensation claim can be pursued in court.

Many scaffolding erectors only provide their clients with steel tubing, which can often be purchased in bulk quantities, allowing them to offer a competitive price on their scaffolding erectors. Scaffolding companies can also offer scaffolding customisation, so if you have a particular design in mind for your scaffolding needs you can often ask your consultant about whether they can alter any pre-existing system to fulfil your needs. Scaffolding providers should always take time to assess the quality of their products, to ensure that they provide customers with a safe and secure working environment. If you are unsure of any of the safety standards or policies that are currently in place regarding scaffolding in your industry, it is strongly recommended that you speak to your consultant as soon as possible. By providing your company with regular product updates, the best scaffolding erectors will continue to meet your scaffolding requirements whilst maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

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