Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies


Blue staffy Terriers are lovable, loving dogs that are very people-orientated and make great companions. They are very intelligent and are eager to learn new things, so training is not usually a problem.

Which is bigger Staffy or Pitbull?

They have tremendous stamina and must have plenty of exercise, which should include a daily Walk or jog. They will adapt well to an apartment life, but also do very well in a house with a yard. If properly socialised as puppies, they are very good with children and other dogs and cats, but may be a little stand-offish with strangers.

The Staffie has a short and deep skull, a short foreface with a distinct stop, strong jaws and the teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The ears are small and rose or half pricked and the nose is black. Its body is compact and muscular and the tail is medium in length and held low.

It is often difficult to distinguish between a male and female Staffie as they look very similar at an early age. As they mature, their differences become more apparent. Males are more dominant and can be more prone to biting, but once trained they are very good natured and make excellent companions. Females are less aggressive but can be very protective of their families.

Blue Staffies are a recessive colour and are only produced when both parents have blue fur. Puppies are born completely black and will only develop the blue coat if they receive a gene from each parent. They will not develop the white patch on their face and neck if they only receive one of the genes.

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