7 Ways to Hold Your Baby Close in the First 6 Months


baby close

Your Baby Closes Up

During their early months, baby close are often fascinated by the way their parents hold them. They adore it, and it’s an important way for them to get the feel of you – and for your touch – even if they don’t have any words for it yet.

Your Baby Gives You Kisses

Getting a wet, sloppy kiss is an expression of your baby’s affection and their appreciation for the care you provide. And it’s something they want to practice and improve upon, says Dr. Richard Gallagher, director of the Parenting Institute at NYU Child Study Center in New York City.

Your Baby Asks For a Pick-Me-Up

It takes about 6 months for your baby to be able to request affection. That’s why they’ll often look to you for a lullaby, a pat on the back or an arm around their shoulder.

 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Clothes for Your Newborn

When latching on your baby, you want to make sure they open wide (like they’re yawning) and press into the base of your nipple. To help them do that, push with your palm from between the shoulder blades when you’re preparing to breastfeed.

Your Baby Is Putting Up Their Neck

When your baby’s head is tilted back, it’s a sign that they are starting to move their necks more independently. It’s a normal part of the development of your baby’s neck and head muscles.

Your Baby Is Using Their Hand to Hold You

When they are small, your baby’s hands can be used as a cuddle tool – they might grab your cheek or even cradle their head against your chest. As your baby grows they’ll also learn how to use their fingers to play with you or their toys, and even hold things in their mouths.

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