The Real World – A Review of the Online Community Founded by Andrew Tate


tate the real world

The tate the real world  (TRW) is an online community created by Andrew Tate, who has been convicted in Romania of rape and human trafficking. It was previously known as Hustlers University (HU) and is marketed as an alternative to traditional education by teaching members how to make money online. It claims to be “the world’s most advanced financial education platform.”

The site is based on an educational model similar to other courses such as Timeless Marketer by Tai Lopez or Inbound Closer by Payton Welch. It offers a wide range of lessons from different subjects such as investing in cryptocurrency, setting up an Amazon FBA and Ecommerce business or offering copywriting services to businesses. These lessons are delivered by a group of mentors called professors who teach students in a series of virtual schools, or “campuses”.

TheRealWorld AI: Bridging the Gap Between Artificial Intelligence and Real-Life Solutions

Some campuses focus on topics like creating a YouTube channel, developing websites and writing compelling content to attract more visitors while others are dedicated to specific money-making methods. Tate also sells his own book on how to make money online, titled “The Real World”.

While the program does not offer any certification or accreditation, it is promoted by Tate and his team through videos, Instagram Reels and TikTok posts, with some of these promotional clips showing children as young as 6 doing situps while praising the course. It is also advertised through a network of affiliates who promote the program by flooding social media channels with repurposed video content and a unique sign-up link, earning 48 percent of sales commission for every new member who joins through their link.

Buying Psilocybin Mushrooms Online


The buying psilocybin mushrooms online  occurs naturally in magic mushrooms. It’s a popular drug for people who want to elevate their mood and experience other effects that research suggests can help with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other problems. Some people even report that it helps them deal with trauma, although other researchers warn that psychedelics can trigger hallucinations that could be frightening or traumatizing.

While it’s legal for adults over 21 to possess magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances, the law in most states prevents them from selling or purchasing them. This has left a gray market of psilocybin mushroom sellers who sell through the Internet. In some cases, these sellers are careful to represent their products as safe and ethical. In other cases, they’re out to scam unsuspecting customers.

Navigating the Online Psychedelic Market: Where to Safely Buy Psilocybin Mushrooms

Some psilocybin mushroom sellers offer online “spore kits” that contain spores that can be used to cultivate a crop of mushrooms. This is illegal under federal law because it’s considered conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and aiding and abetting the commission of a crime.

The spores that are sold can be extracted from actual mushrooms or they can be purchased separately in the form of a spore syringe or a spore print. A syringe contains just the spores and water; it’s a way for people to avoid being caught breaking the law. Spore prints are pieces of paper with wavy cap spores stamped on them and can be rehydrated for use.